• Know the Statistical Agnostic Mapping

    SAM is a framework based on SLT that provides similar activation maps than the ones obtained by the voxel-wise SPM, but defined on ROIs, under a rigorous development in scenarios with a small sample/dimension ratio and large, small and trivial effect sizes.

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  • Spherical Brain Mapping

    We present the Spherical Brain Mapping (SBM), a feature extraction and visualization framework intended to map the internal structures and features of the brain onto a 2D image

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  • SIPBA at the IWINAC 2019 conference

    The SiPBA group will host the Workshop entitled MALENE (Machine Learning in Neuroscience) within the 8th IWINAC conference in Almeria, June 2019.

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  • SIPBA at the IWINAC 2019 conference

    The SiPBA group and their collaborators have presented 5 works on the 8th IWINAC conference in Almeria (Spain), covering a variety of topics that include Parkinson’s Disease and Developmental Dyslexia, FP-CIT imaging, EEG and pure machine learning with a work on the performance of SVM when used in imbalanced datasets.

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  • Kick-off PASTORA

    On the 4th of Dec 2018 SiPBA attended to the kick-off of the PASTORA project at the Smartcity Malaga Living Lab.

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  • SIPBA at the NSS-MIC 2018 in Sydney

    The SiPBA research group presented 7 works at the 2018 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference in Sydney, Australia.

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  • Meet Our Team

    Meet the persons who take part in this project

    Our Team


PETRA is a complete Computer Aided Diagnosis system that performs analysis and automatic classification of neuroimaging.

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Statistical Agnostic Mapping (SAM)

SAM is a novel framework in Neuroimaging based on concentrations inequalities that provides prevalence maps of significance.

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Spherical Brain Mapping

Spherical Brain Mapping is a new brain image visualization and analysis technique, that is totally open and free.

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MVPAlab toolbox

MVPAlab Toolbox is a machine learning decoding toolbox for multidimensional electroencephalography data

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We are part of the UGR

The University of Granada is one of the leading universities in Spain, ranked 33rd in the ARWU, within the category Computer Science & Engineering.

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Our contributions

Our production spans medical image processing and analysis, machine learning and neural networks.

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About Research Group

The Signal Processing and Biomedical Applications (SiPBA) research group started in 2007 in a PETRI national project by Professors Gorriz and Ramirez. It has been awarded approximately 1 M€ in national and regional calls and transference projects, maintaining fruitful local and international collaborations with medical (hospitals and the regional health service), academic (universities at Spain, USA, UK or Germany).

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Featured contributions

Studying the Manifold Structure of Alzheimer’s Disease: A Deep Learning Approach Using Convolutional Autoencoders

Martinez-Murcia, F. J., Ortiz, A., Gorriz, J.M., Ramirez, J. and Castillo-Barnes, D.

On the computation of distribution-free performance bounds: application to small sample sizes in neuroimaging

Juan M. Gorriz, J. Ramirez and J. Suckling

Convolutional Neural Networks for Neuroimaging in Parkinson’s Disease: Is Preprocessing Needed?

F.J. Martinez-Murcia, J.M. Gorriz, J. Ramirez, A. Ortiz