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septiembre 2017
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I. Alvarez Illan, J.M. Gorriz Saez, J. Ramírez Pérez De Inestrosa, D. Salas González, F.J. Martínez Murcia, F. Segovia Román and C. Garcia Puntonet,  "Automatic Orientation of Functional Brain Images for Multiplataform Software", "5th International Work-Conference on the Interplay Between Natural and Artificial Computation", None-None, 2013
A.M. Tomé, A.R. Hidalgo Muñoz, M.M. López Pérez, A.R. Teixeira, I. Santos, A.T. Pereira, M. Vázquez-Marrufo and E. Lang-,  "Feature extraction and classification of biosignals: Emotion valence detection from EEG signals", "6th International Conference On Bio-Inspired Systems And Signal Processing", None-None, 2013
A.R. Hidalgo Muñoz, M.M. López Pérez, A.M. Tomé, A.T. Pereira and I. Santos,  "Approach on affective valence detection from EEG signals based on global field power measure and SVM-RFE algorithm", "International Work Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering", None-None, 2013
F. Segovia Román, C. Bastin, E. Salmon and C. Phillips,  "Classification of positron emission tomography images using multiple kernel learning", "3rd NIPS 2013 Workshop on Machine Learning and Interpretation in NeuroImaging", None-None, 2013
M. Vázquez-Marrufo, A. Galvao-Carmona, A.R. Hidalgo Muñoz, J. Gonzalez-Rosa and G. Izquierdo-Ayuso,  "High Density Electroencephalography to assess the improvement from rehabilitation programs", "2nd International Symposium on Neurorehabilitation", None-None, 2012
A. Galvao-Carmona, A.R. Hidalgo Muñoz, M. Borges-Guerra, M. Garcia Valdecasas-Colell, J.M. García-Moreno, M.D. Paramo-Camino, J.L. Ruiz-Peña, G. Izquierdo-Ayuso and M. Vázquez-Marrufo,  "EEG index related to altered orienting network in Multiple Sclerosis patients. ", "28th CONGRESS OF THE EUROPEAN COMMITTEE FOR TREATMENT AND RESEARCH IN MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS", None-None, 2012
F. Segovia Román, J.M. Gorriz Saez, J. Ramírez Pérez De Inestrosa, R.M. Chaves Rodríguez and I. Alvarez Illan,  "Automatic differentiation between controls and Parkinson's disease DaTSCAN images using a Partial Least Squares scheme and the Fisher Discriminant Ratio", "16th International Conference on Knowledge-Based and Intelligent Information & Engineering Systems", None-None, 2012
R.M. Chaves Rodríguez, J. Ramírez Pérez De Inestrosa, J.M. Gorriz Saez and I. Alvarez Illan,  " FDG and PIB biomarker PET analysis for the Alzheimer's disease detection using Association Rules", "2012 Nuclear Science Symposium, Medical Imaging Conference & Workshop on Room-Temperature Semiconductor X-Ray and Gamma-Ray Detectors", None-None, 2012

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